The login process will mostly be as you are used to: you log in at the same place as before, and the login site will look almost as before.

There are two things worth noticing:

  • Until now, you have logged in with both email address and password in the same login site. This will now be changed to two seperate login sites. 
  • When your company is moved over to Visma Connect, you must create a new password. You will be noticed, with an email from Visma Connect, when your company is moved over to the new login solution. Until further notice, you do not have to do anything. 

Advantages with the new login solution:

  • You will not need two different passwords to Tripletex and AutoPay (Bank integration). Visma Connect is a common login solution that gives access to several of Vismas cloud solutions such as AutoPay.
  • The login security will be increased. Visma Connect has a dedicated team of experts that only work with user experience and security connected to login.
  • Going forward, Visma Connect will create more login options that can increase the user experience even more.

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